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Theory of Change #006: Editorial cartoons in the age of the meme (Nick Anderson and Nate Beeler)

Theory of Change #006: Editorial cartoons in the age of the meme (Nick Anderson and Nate Beeler)

The internet and the explosion of free political content that it created has had a dramatic effect on the media industry.

One sector of journalism that’s been particularly harmed in recent years is editorial cartooning. Ten years ago, most major-city daily newspapers employed artists to draw their takes on the news of the day. Now, however, the ranks of editorial cartoonists have shrunk drastically.

That’s why several of America’s top editorial cartoonists have joined together to form their own media outlet called Counterpoint.com dedicated solely to gathering high-quality artists from both sides of the political spectrum and presenting their work to the public.

In this episode, Theory of Change host Matthew Sheffield is joined by Nick Anderson, one of Counterpoint’s co-founders who formerly worked at the Houston Chronicle. He's also joined by Nate Beeler, a veteran cartoonist who draws at Counterpoint after previously working at the Columbus Dispatch.

During the conversation, they talk about Counterpoint, the newspaper industry, and cartooning during the age of the internet meme.

The two artists also discuss why cartoonists expressing their opinions seem to face more anger from political opponents than people who write or speak their opinions.

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