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Theory of Change #037: Jen Senko on how her father escaped far-right media

Theory of Change #037: Jen Senko on how her father escaped far-right media

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It’s well-known by now that disinformation media played a significant role in enabling the political rise of Donald Trump.

But the truth is that far right media has been misinforming Americans for many decades. Fake news was a long thing before Facebook and other words.

A lot of times, it’s hard for people who aren’t familiar with the topic to understand it in the broad sense, in terms of facts and figures and statistics. That’s why it can be useful often to look at an individual’s story and how disinformation has impacted individuals. And that’s why on today’s show, I am happy to be joined by Jen Senko.

She is the director, producer, and writer of The Brainwashing of My Dad, which started off as a documentary and is now a book that chronicles how far-right radio and television hosts manipulated her father into believing all sorts of false and hateful ideas. And she’s turned it into a book as well.


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