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Theory of Change #040: Malynda Hale on why progressive and moderate Christians must stand up

Theory of Change #040: Malynda Hale on why progressive and moderate Christians must stand up

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Big businesses and organizations are obsessed with branding, the idea of associating themselves in the public mind with a particular thing. But the most prominent branding operation in recent decades wasn’t in the realm of commerce. It was in the realm of religion, where well-funded activists succeeded at convincing millions of Americans that to be a good Christian meant you have to be on the far right.

We’ve talked about how this process has worked historically on the show. But today we’re going to feature a discussion with someone who is working to challenge that in the present.

Joining me today is Malynda Hale. She is a singer, a songwriter, and actress, and she’s also the host of a great podcast called “#WeNeedToTalk” that focuses on elevating progressive Christian voices and others who support women’s rights and LGBT rights.


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