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Theory of Change #067: Stephen Clermont on public opinion and AI

Theory of Change #067: Stephen Clermont on public opinion and AI

We've been talking a lot here on Theory of Change about artificial intelligence, both the implications of it from a technological standpoint and also how it works.

This is something that is going to create a fundamental change in our society, and that's irrespective of whatever improvements to the technologies will be developed in the future. Regardless of what you think about artificial general intelligence (AGI) or super intelligence, whatever you want to call it, the reality is that the technologies that exist in the here and now are going to have a huge impact on our economy and our individual lives.

Because of that, it's important to consider some of the political implications of artificial intelligence and also to talk about the public opinion implications as well. What do people think about AI and how are they concerned about it? Who's interested in it?

There are a lot of other things to talk about it, especially also in the context of how AI is a product of the technology industry and so-called Big Tech, as people have taken to call it recently. That's shaping attitudes of public opinion on that as well.

So to talk about some of this with me today, we're bringing in Steven Clermont. He's the polling director at Change Research, which is a progressive polling organization, and he recently has done a survey about AI and public opinion. I couldn't think of a better guest to come on and talk about this.


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