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Republicans and the impeachment about nothing

Republicans and the impeachment about nothing

Plus: Disturbing polling showing MAGA's addiction to conspiracy theories

Programming Note: “So This Just Happened” is going to go on a brief hiatus after this episode, but we wanted to make it an extra special one so we invited Lisa Curry, Matt’s co-host on “Doomscroll” for a live recording. Please enjoy and we’ll see you in a while!


00:00 — House Republicans finally pass an impeachment, and it's going nowhere

07:42 — Kansas City Chiefs victory parade becomes latest site of mass shooting

18:18 — New poll shows some Trump voters will believe conspiracy theories upon first hearing them

24:00 — Beyoncé Knowles doing country songs proves very triggering to some people

31:21 — Stung by stepped up criticism about his decaying mental state, Trump now claims his gaffes are on purpose

36:13 — Kentucky Republican state legislator claims that her white father was a slave, despite having been born in 1933

41:06 — Democrats win George Santos’s former congressional seat

44:56 — African Methodist Episcopal Church calls for ceasefire in Gaza

49:51 — STJH is going on a hiatus for a bit and we wanted you to know

51:32 — Group that provided basis for Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” admits in court it has no evidence of election fraud in Georgia

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Cover photo: Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Deputy Secretary John Tien attend the raising of the Pride Flag at DHS Headquarters in Washington, DC, alongside other component members. June 1, 2022. Photo: DHS

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