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Doja Cat and the lies we tell ourselves about sex and race

Doja Cat and the lies we tell ourselves about sex and race

Everyone has social toxic narratives to overcome

Episode Topics

  1. People are taught by society their personal self-worth is at least partially a function of their relationship status or how much sex they’re having. It’s a toxic narrative that manifests in many different ways but must

  2. Rapper Doja Cat provoked her fans by wearing a shirt of a neo-Nazi, after she earlier had been demonstrated to have used racial slurs and alt-right memes. But she’s not alone in being a non-white young person who flirts with racists.

  3. How violence, terrorism, and oppression in Israel are dividing the American left


00:00 — How women and men are taught opposite lies about sex and relationships

07:43 — Doja Cat and racist non-white people

23:52 — Israel and Palestine are dividing the U.S. left

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Easy Lover: “The End of Our Deceit

Lyrics and Vocals by Kali Holloway

Music by Jeremy Wimmer

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