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Why Republicans can't get a date

Why Republicans can't get a date

Generation Z has figured out that reactionaries hate America, and it's harming young Republicans' dating lives

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A new poll from Change Research for Teen Vogue of young adults finds that being MAGA is absolutely loathed by a majority of people between the ages of 18 and 34. According to the survey, 76 percent of women in the age group say that discovering their date is a MAGA Republican is a “red flag” for them; 59 percent of men in the age group agreed.

The survey, which is definitely worth checking out, also found that being a fan of Joe Rogan is a red flag for 55 percent of young women. And that’s because the right-wing podcaster is part of a much bigger constellation of reactionary media which is constantly denigrating and insulting women. Instead of realizing this, however, many Republicans have taken to blaming “wokeness” instead of looking inward.

Despite their strong dislike of the far-right, however, young Americans are also very concerned for the future and Democrats have not convinced many of them.


00:00 — Poll finds that being a Joe Rogan fan is a dating “red flag” for most young women

03:33 — Politics as source of relationship disruption

13:12 — Dateless young Republican men are bearing the brunt of Gen Z's loathing of the GOP

20:14 — Why creativity is inherently un-conservative

24:36 — Although younger people are estranged from Republicans, they are not big fans of Democrats

32:34 — Lauren Boebert’s “Beetlejuice” tantrum

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