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So This Just Happened #005: Country music and Confederate Christianity

So This Just Happened #005: Country music and Confederate Christianity

Maren Morris says country fans are too reactionary, but the genre also has underappreciated diversity


Country music star Maren Morris announced that she's going to leave the industry after realizing that genre fans were too reactionary for her, in part by many people playing and purchasing songs meant to be perceived as threats to Black Lives Matter protesters and anti-fascist activists.

Because it originated as a musical form from the former confederacy, country music has many vestiges of that racist and theocratic tradition, but nonetheless, it is also true that country, and the Old South, were always multiracial and multi-ideological.

Join Kali and Matt as they explore the politics of country music and several other topics in this episode.


00:00 — Maren Morris says country music is too right-wing for her

07:02 — Country music industry divided over its cultural ties to Confederate Christianity

11:04 — Republicans are obsessing over Kamala Harris

20:33 — Richard Hanania and the many similarities between right-wing elites and grassroots

23:51 — More fallout for Lauren Boebert after theater incident

25:47 — Russell Brand's defenders trying to turn him into a martyr

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