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Is the Fox RFK Jr. hype going to boomerang?

Is the Fox RFK Jr. hype going to boomerang?

Right-wing media just might have convinced their audiences to support a third-party Kennedy campaign

Episode Summary

For months, Fox and other right-wing media outlets told their audiences how great Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the deranged anti-vaccine activist was. Now, some of them are starting to fear that Kennedy might take Trump votes away as a Libertarian Party candidate. Join Matt and Kali as they discuss.

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00:00 — Fox News's Kennedy hype just might backfire

07:56 — While RFK Jr. could hurt Trump, he still could hurt Biden 

10:56 — Why are so many right wing political activists frustrated actors?

16:42 — Republican are still debating, does anyone care?

20:35 — Trump can only be attacked successfully from the left--even in Republican primaries

24:31 — Seattle residents frustrate the hell out of Fox reporter

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