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As attention turns to Project 2025, Trump lies about his many connections

As attention turns to Project 2025, Trump lies about his many connections

Plus: Congressional Democrats are split on Joe Biden's candidacy

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Audio Chapters

0:00 — Trump lies about his tight connections to radical Project 2025

08:16 — Joe Biden refuses to take cognitive test during ABC News interview

12:52 — Report: Several senior House Democrats say they want Biden to end candidacy

15:43 — Jasmine Crockett and several prominent Black Democrats call for unity behind Biden

22:54 — Left-wing parties won big elections in France and UK

26:30 — Entertainer Amber Rose will speak at Republican National Committee

28:53 — Actor and comedian Jay Johnston pleads guilty to rioting on January 6th

31:01 — LeBron James and son are set to become NBA's first-ever father-son teammates

33:02 — Target says it will no longer take personal checks

Cover image: Donald Trump speaking with attendees at a "Chase the Vote" rally at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. June 12, 2024. Photo: Gage Skidmore/CC by 2.0

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