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Democrats are right to be upset and concerned about Joe Biden

Democrats are right to be upset and concerned about Joe Biden

The president's family and close staffers made fools of the anti-Trump coalition by lying about his condition

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Audio Chapters

0:00 — Joe Biden's debate debacle shows that Democrats need drastic change at the top of their ticket

09:58 — Texas Rep. Lloyd Doggett becomes first Democratic official to say Biden should end campaign

11:11 — Legally speaking, only Kamala Harris can use money donated to Joe Biden

13:36 — Political scientist who correctly predicted 9 of last 10 presidential elections says Biden would still win

15:10 — Right-wing SCOTUS criminalizes homelessness and says presidents have "absolute immunity" for official acts

18:16 — Steve Bannon is finally rotting in jail

20:51 — Rudy Giuliani officially is disbarred in New York

23:15 — Candace Owens says science is a religion and that flat-earthers should be taken seriously

27:46 — Simone Biles qualified for her third Olympics

30:38 — "Inside Out 2" becomes first film of 2024 to gross over $1 billion

32:19 — BET Awards condemned for giving lifetime shout-out to OJ Simpson

34:05 — Taraji P. Henson educated millions about the threat of right-wing extremism

Cover image: Joe Biden during the first 2024 presidential debate held in Atlanta, Georgia June 27, 2024.

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