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Doomscroll #009: Impeachment Groundhog Day

Doomscroll #009: Impeachment Groundhog Day

Featuring Polite Conversations host and Nice Mangos blogger Eiynah Mohammed-Smith

Matt and Lisa are joined in this episode by podcaster and illustrator Eiynah Mohammed-Smith for NSFW takes about all the news of the week, including Republicans moving forward on their interminable impeachment threats, strange religious brainwashing videos from Dennis Prager, and Ashton Kucher and Mila Kunis getting blasted for standing up for Danny Masterson after his conviction.


00:39 — House Republicans move forward with impeachment and shutdown threats

03:47 — Christian and Muslim extremists decide to be evil together

07:35 — Dennis Prager is putting weird propaganda videos into public schools

16:14 — Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher backpedaling after video for Danny Masterson

19:54 — U.S. copyright agency denies copyright request for AI image

22:58 — Elon Musk is being hypocritical again with Twitter

29:28 — Drew Barrymore violates Hollywood strike by bringing show back

31:27 — Hostess is being bought by Smuckers, will it mean dog food Twinkies?

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