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Did Trump 'break' political comedy?

Did Trump 'break' political comedy?

Doug J. Balloon, the man behind the New York Times Pitchbot parody joins

Matt and Lisa are joined in this episode by Doug J. Balloon, the creator of the New York Times Pitchbot parody Twitter account for a definitely not-safe-for-work discussion about all the news of the week, including Conan O’Brien’s assertion that Donald Trump made comedy monologues a lot harder, very serious allegations being lobbed at Russell Brand, and Trump’s totally bizarre cult musical performance at his latest speech.


00:22 — Conan O'Brien says Trump broke comedy

04:10 — Russell Brand faces sex assault allegations

13:56 — NBC's Kristen Welker fails in Trump interview

22:01 — Trump playing cult music in his speechs now

27:53 — Bill Maher & Drew Barrymore shamed into canceling shows

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