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Iowa Satanic Temple vows to use new GOP law

Iowa Satanic Temple vows to use new GOP law

Plus: 'Sexy Jesus' painting causes controversy in Spain

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Audio Chapters

00:00 — Trump had secret room at Mar-a-Lago with more stolen classified documents: report

02:18 — Nancy Mace is turning Congress into an even bigger joke

05:38 —OAN host defends MAGA rantings of Ohio man who beheaded his father

14:39 — Republican National Committee facing fundraising crisis

17:21 — GOP pollster uses AI-generated pic of black man with three arms to tout party’s outreach

21:14 — Texas right-wingers are replacing public school counselors with religious chaplains

24:42 — Iowa Satanic Temple promises to use proposed law to bring “ministers of Satan” to schools

27:32 — The Rise of Atheism and Alternative Beliefs

29:30 — “Sexy Jesus” painting provokes controversy in Spain

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