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Nikki Haley renamed her husband and the great 'cancel culture' scam

Nikki Haley renamed her husband and the great 'cancel culture' scam

Featuring Corey Ryan Forrester

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0:00 — Nikki Haley renamed her husband, wtf?

08:38 — Trump is polling well because Democrats won’t talk to regular people

16:41 — Trump attorney Alina Habba says she’d rather be pretty than smart since you can fake being smart

19:42 — Britney Spears says she will “never” return to music industry

23:38 — Golden Globes stiffed “Barbie” and host Jo Koy threw his writers under the bus

27:54 — Can we be as canceled as Ricky Gervais?

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MATT SHEFFIELD: [00:00:00] Welcome to Doomscroll, I'm Matt Sheffield.

LISA CURRY: And I'm Lisa Curry. And today we are joined by my hilarious friend, comedian, writer, author, Corey Forrester. What's up, Corey?

COREY FORRESTER: That's right. How you doing Matt and Lisa? Good to be here. Appreciate y'all.

CURRY: Yeah. Thanks for being here. It's great to see you.

FORRESTER: It's good to be seen. Not gonna lie. It's nice. I have I'm, I'm, I'm a new father and I only see my wife and my baby and whoever I talk to on the internet. So it's nice to have new people in my screen.

CURRY: Whoever I talk to on the internet does sound. Like it could take a turn.


Matthew Sheffield: All right. Well, let's get into the story. There's a lot of political news this week. So Nikki Haley, the Republican presidential candidate, and basically want to be number two to Donald Trump. Seems like she, [00:01:00] apparently she wrote in her autobiography that she gave her husband a new name while they were in college. She claimed that she she, he went by bill when he was younger, his whole life.

And then she was like, you know, I don't think you look like a bill. Why don't you go by your middle name instead? And he accepted it, Michael.

FORRESTER: Wait a minute. Hold on. When I'll be honest with you, when I saw this on the rundown, I thought it was like, we're about to find out that this Republican, hopeful nominee gave her husband like some sort of salacious nickname.

Like he was like long Don Silver. You're telling me that this sociopath was just like, you know what, I think Greg for you would be good. Like, yes.

Matthew Sheffield: Well, I mean, she said this herself. Like, that's the other thing. Like, normally, if shit like that happens, normally that's not something people would want to get out.

CURRY: I think she wants to let us know she dominates the relationship. She's like, this is how much I decide things. I gave him a new name, and he obeyed.

FORRESTER: It's also so clear that she was [00:02:00] destined for politics, cause it's almost like she was like, Now, I ran Bill through a Focus group and it doesn't play well.

Okay. Like my name's Nikki. If you're bill, I just don't like what that says on the wedding invitation. It's a little vanilla. All right. We live in a happening world, baby. You're Vladimir now you're Vlad.

Matthew Sheffield: Well, yeah. And that's the other weird thing about it. It's like, if you're going to just start renaming your boyfriend, which he was back then, like.

Why not come up with something other than like fucking Michael like there's like a zillion Michaels in this world

CURRY: Michael Mike Mikey Mikail

be fair to her I'm like, I don't Bill's not Feels like you're doctor.

FORRESTER: I don't know. I will give a little bit of credit to this dude or defend him a little bit. I remember when I was in college, well, I was never in college because I'm an idiot, but when I was the age that college was, when I should have been, [00:03:00] when I was, when all my friends and people with more aspirations were at college, I was so desperate to get laid.

That if a lady had come up to me and said, Hey, you're Kunta Kinte now. I'd be like, yup, that's me, you know, I would have gone with anything. So like, it's probably just one of those situations. They were in the courting phase. He was like, I don't give a shit. You crazy lady. I'll do whatever. And then it just kind of stuck, you know?

Matthew Sheffield: Yeah. And to be honest, like I can definitely see her doing this because she's the kind of person who, you know. Has been running for president since she was 7 you know, which is, of course, why she should never become the president. I'll add but yeah, yeah. And of course,

CURRY: it seems like we might have have a reboot of past presidential.

Press presidential term president. Listen, I don't speak english anymore. I've stopped. It was it was too laborious.

FORRESTER: So I feel very bad for [00:04:00] women lisa Can I tell you i've always felt bad for y'all but like I obviously hope I live to see a day When there's a female president, you know, I would like to know that I live in a country where that could happen But every single time one runs, they're just the most batshit insane lady that's ever been like, there's never one where I'm like, all right, because then like, you know, she'll run and my dad, who's a conservative, I'll be like, Oh, this Nikki Haley, she's bad news is like, Oh, I thought, what do you mean?

You're a progressive. You don't want a woman. I was like, not any of them. You know what I mean? It can't just be all women, Jesus Christ. Well,

CURRY: I'm gonna run and I'll fix that.

FORRESTER: Thank you.

Matthew Sheffield: Yeah. Well, and here's, here's the other weird thing, though, is that, so, this is actually the second story of a Republican connected Woman renaming her husband.

I love it. Which, which is like, isn't that just awesome? Like the party of, you know, that, that, that claims we are, we're the party that will [00:05:00] keep women in their place and that, you know, women's places in the home, but then the women are actually renaming the husbands. aNd I, and, and so what I'm talking about is that Ron DeSantis, apparently his whole life.

He pronounced his last name Ron DeSantis. And then his wife, Casey, told him that Like D, apostrophe

CURRY: Angelo, the singer? Yeah,

Matthew Sheffield: something like that, yeah. And I

FORRESTER: just imagined Ron DeSantis on the cover of that D'Angelo record in the shower, and I didn't like that. Oh

Matthew Sheffield: God. It's

FORRESTER: a horrible way to start

Matthew Sheffield: your day.

Yeah, but you know, it's like, and so he, he started, she started making him pronounce it. Duh, Santas. And now that's what everybody calls it. Was that,

FORRESTER: Do you think that was a, a move in the sense of like, if you're saying D, Santas, people are going to associate you with D, D, Democrat. You know what I'm saying?

Like, do you think that was part? And I'm being serious. Cause like, these are psychopaths, but like every little bit, every little bit helps [00:06:00] though. You know what I mean? Well,

Matthew Sheffield: no, they are like Republicans are fucking amazing at marketing. Like they leave the Democrats in the dust for

FORRESTER: sure, dude. And we suck at it because like, it's really a testament to how good of a candidate Barack Obama was.

That his middle name was Hussein. And he was like, leave it. You know what I mean? We'll roll with it. It's fine.

Matthew Sheffield: Yeah. Well, no. And like that, he was, he was such an exception to the rule. You know, all these other people that were running that year and like they had, you couldn't hold a candle to the guy and then and then Democrats.

Well, and then the Democrats would learn nothing from him at all at the after, and so, you know, it's, it's now why you know, we're at this state now where you know, so many people are like, Ooh, I'm going to vote for Trump cause he's funny.

FORRESTER: There's too many people in this country who aren't affected either way by who the president is. And those people are the loudest because like, there are a [00:07:00] lot, like I've heard my mother in law say a lot of like, well, you know, at the end of the day, like she'll be like, everybody's talking about.

Politics this and who's gonna run for president. I'm just like, you know, it doesn't really affect me one way or the other Who's the president and i'm like, I know it doesn't I know it doesn't you don't vote for yourself You know what i'm saying? But like all those people who truly if it's not going to matter one way or the other so they get to just vote Based on you know that old like who i'd want to have a beer with More and like i'll be honest with you Yeah, if I had the opportunity to hang out with two hours with Biden or Trump, Trump all day, just because like, I feel like again, if it's inconsequential, like I'm going to be more entertained, like I'm going to have to spend the whole time with Biden going, I never thought it was a joke, sir.

I don't know why you keep saying that, but like Trump or making him wake up. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Like elbowing him in the ribs. Like, you're good. You know, we've all got that uncle that, like we, we didn't want to bring them in front of anybody else, but when we were with [00:08:00] them by ourselves, we're like, God, this guy's fucking hammering it today.

He is hilarious. . Yeah.

Matthew Sheffield: You don't wanna leave him alone with your kid. But you know, absolutely not definitely pound down a few,

FORRESTER: but if you had to start a podcast, you'd, you'd get him on, you know what I mean?

CURRY: Yeah, he's saying shit like back to Ron DeSantis. He called them meatball Ron. I'm like, that's my favorite.

FORRESTER: That's amazing. Yeah. If he could just, if, if Trump could just not run and just be a guy who just torpedoes the rest of everybody on the Republican ticket. Oh God, I'd love this guy again, but that's not the reality.

Matthew Sheffield: Yeah, no, he,

he should have just been an insult comic like the world would have been so much better.

That's right. Yeah,

CURRY: he could be on track also to win again because the Iowa caucuses are coming up and he's pulling pretty well.

FORRESTER: Oh, he's gonna win. I'm not, by the way, anybody listening. And you hear my accent, it might sound like [00:09:00] someone like me who says Trump's gonna win, that I'm coming at it from a jovial perspective.

I'm not, I don't want that to happen, but like. You think

CURRY: he's gonna take the presidency as well as the nomination?

FORRESTER: I think if he gets the nomination, he, unless something changes big time between now and then, yeah, because like. I know a lot of, like, the worst thing that's going to happen is not that Democrats will go vote for Trump, it's that they won't vote.

It's that they'll be like, they'll be like, really? These are our options again? Two geriatric patients going to hang out with the modern woodmen at the Golden Corral? This is what I got? Well, I'm just going to stay home because I'm going to vote for one of them and they'll be, either one, they'll be dead in two years of office.

So, like, yeah, I'm I'm worried about it because like nobody thought that he would win the first time and I knew because that year I'd traveled the whole country and I could just, I was there, but no, this guy's a joke. I'm like, okay, maybe to you, but I'm telling you. People are into this dude and Hillary's not campaigning in the places that she needs [00:10:00] to and that's another thing you mentioned earlier about Democrats not learning anything.

We don't like the Democrats still have just decided. All right. The South is a wash. We're not even going to try even though Georgia is purple. You could get North Carolina if you try like there's so many of these states that are like. Right there, but instead you just see the toothless son of a bitch with an accent like me You know during a tornado watch and go I can't win that guy.

So fuck the whole area, you know Yeah,

CURRY: I I agree with you the lead up to the election in 26 2016 I was on the road all over the southeast And I got to the weekend before the election, I was in DC and I had brunch with a friend of mine who works in her worked in politics in DC until the election. And then she was like, fuck this, but who worked in politics.

And I was like, Hey, I'm really worried that Trump is going to win. Like I was just in the Carolinas and Georgia and Alabama and Louisiana. And I'm like, there are wall to wall. I'm [00:11:00] not seeing any support for Hillary. And she was like, there's no way he's going to win. That's ridiculous. The electoral college will never let it happen.

And then I texted her on election night. I was like, what the fuck? And she's like, we're all crying and drunk at the office. I don't know

FORRESTER: what the fuck. They just didn't pay attention, dude. I told him we had a, we had a C we had our own show on serious in the lead up to the election. And me, Trey and Drew, and I was the only one of them.

They were like, yeah, we've seen the same things you've seen, but like, surely not. And I straight up said, I said, guys, y'all just go ahead and prepare. Trump's going to win, dude. The phone line shot up. People call me and ask all my guys, I'm not saying what I want to happen. I'm telling you what will happen.

Because as you said, like, if, listen, I'm not saying that. Yard signs are the end all be all to determine who's going to be president, but they clearly mean something. Otherwise they wouldn't use them, right? They're not wasting their money on them. And it wasn't just seeing it in the South. I'm in Colorado.

I'm in Maine. I'm in anywhere. It's when you really had to tell people, I was like, y'all look at. It as a north south divide in this country [00:12:00] and it could not be further from the truth. It is a rural versus city Divide and there's a shit ton of rural people who are more energetic right now And for the record a lot of these people were actually fired up for Bernie and then you threw him out, put Hillary in and they didn't go to Hillary.

They went to Trump. You know why? Because fucking Bernie went to Kansas and gave a shit and Hillary and she called him deplorable and it was ball game.

CURRY: I'm with you on that. Totally. Like when she, when she made the deplorables comment, I was like, it was just exhausting because I'm like, yes, obviously we fucking agree with you, but you're still campaigning for their votes too. It was like exactly that. Like the people that had progressives.

That we're so mad that Trump only wanted to lead the right or like just not paying attention to Hillary having been like, well, the left is my

FORRESTER: right. That's I'm going to leave. It was

CURRY: crazy.

Matthew Sheffield: Yeah, well, the other [00:13:00] thing is that, you know, Republicans, they literally are spending millions of dollars promoting so, you know, like a lot of times people talk about voter suppression stuff, right?

But there's another side to the Republican strategy, which is voter depression. And so they literally spend millions of dollars paying off people like Glenn Greenwald or Brianna Joy Gray to go out there and, you know, say, Oh, there's no difference between the parties. They're all the same. Nothing's matters who is the president.

And like, and, and, and, you know, I don't, there's a lot of low information people. They believe that shit when they hear no,

FORRESTER: that's what they

Matthew Sheffield: are. Cause like the idea, like the idea, That a guy who is running for president who is literally saying on the trail, I'm going to build concentration camps. For illegal immigrants and put them in them.

And I am going to pardon people who committed treason. And there's no difference between the parties. What the fuck is wrong with you? If you think [00:14:00] that you're stupid. But there's just a lot of dumb people and you know, like Democrats, they, they, they think everybody's out there watching, you know, PBS and, and reading, you know, their New York times and it's like, no, they're not.

You gotta go and fuckin talk to people. That's what you gotta do. And you gotta, you gotta go to them where they're at. And talk to them what they're thinking about.

FORRESTER: Yeah, and we don't do that.

CURRY: Yeah, I say that a lot. I'm like, cause I'm from a really small town. And, I know a lot of people that are just not, that are not Racist and homophobic and whatever.

They're just not plugged into the new, like real news. And I'm like, I tried to explain to people and I'm, I'm sure you probably feel similarly, Corey, where it's like, there's so many people in rural areas that are just working 70 fucking hours a week. If they're. Shitty industrial job and they're just trying to get by and they come home and they turn on whatever local news They're not doing these deep dives.

They don't know they're just getting

FORRESTER: snippets dude when trump We are when trump ran the first time and everybody's like how could how could these [00:15:00] people vote for him after he you know? Called mexicans rapists or whatever I was like dude most people that I know didn't even hear that because the only place I saw it was twitter And yeah, these people don't understand that, like, some of these people, like you said, they're working 70 hour weeks and then they come home and they've got, not only they got their kids, but, like, their son's a meth addict, so they're raising their grandkid too, right?

Yeah. And they don't even, they're not even watching the news. They're just throwing whatever on TV to pacify the room so that they can sit in their chair for two seconds and have a dip, you know? And so, like, yeah, and I'm not. I'm not justifying willful ignorance in any way. Like there's some people who, who, who do have the time and could learn more and choose not to, but there's a large because of the state of this country, and then these people are sick and like, they just don't.

They don't have time to give a shit or it's not that they don't have time to give a shit. Like there just isn't enough time in the day. Like you said, to do these deep dives, like they just see surface level [00:16:00] luxury. Yeah. They just see surface level stuff. And so many of these people are one issue voters.

And unfortunately for us, their issue is fucking abortion. And, and as long as Republicans have that for them, they're going nowhere because they will, they will justify a whole lot of stuff. Cause they're like. Okay. I hear you. That's wrong. But like, if I vote for y'all, I'm killing babies and I can't do that.

And that's, it's as simple as that. Like it, I don't know what to do about it. Cause that's, that's what it is.

Matthew Sheffield: Tell them don't vote at all. How about that?

FORRESTER: There you go. To some of my people's credit, I know plenty of people who voted for Trump the first time, didn't vote the second time. They didn't vote for Biden.

They just were like, I can't do this. I agree.

Matthew Sheffield: Donald Trump's attorney, Alina Habba, or Habba, she, she did an interview.

And she basically said Donald Trump hired me because he thought I was hot.

CURRY: Yeah. And she said, I'd rather be hot than smart. And she said, she said something to the effect of like, I can [00:17:00] make up being a lawyer. And I'm like, well, you kind of can,


CURRY: you can go on YouTube. So you can read a couple

FORRESTER: of books.

I mean, I don't know if you've seen, yeah, who's famous nowadays, but like, I think I'd take being hot over being smart. I'm lucky to have neither. So I would just take one of them and hot, hot would be good.

Matthew Sheffield: And Kim Kardashian is. Is getting her law degree actually. So

CURRY: she just failed the bar for like the third

Matthew Sheffield: time.

Oh, I don't know. I actually, I actually mute Kardashian in my Twitter timeline,

FORRESTER: but you can achieve like a hot person can read a book, but an ugly person is going to have to have surgery. You know what I mean? That's expensive. It's free to read books. That's what I'm saying. Like, just go, just go get smart.

Who gives a shit? Memorize stuff.

Matthew Sheffield: Although, yeah, when you look at the, the legal arguments though, that Alina Haba is making though, it's, I can [00:18:00] believe her saying that she would rather be pretty than smart because everything that she does just goes down in flames, except for with that one judge that down in Florida that Trump appointed I

CURRY: will say trump doesn't really have a reputation for surrounding himself, but with smart people, especially lawyers I mean rudy giuliani. Give me a fucking break

FORRESTER: Unreal man, what an absolute heel turn. I mean that guy like dude just go he was hot though.

Just Right. Yeah, gorgeous. No, absolutely Just go. Hey

Matthew Sheffield: Sorry, it had to be hot. It was hot when that, when that makeup was ripping down his, his his face.

FORRESTER: If I ever have whatever the comedian equivalent is to becoming America's hero during 9 11, I'm quitting after that. Like, I'm riding off into the sunset.

Like, dude, like. You, you, you're the mayor during 9 11, you bring the country together, you get George Bush out, he burns a heater right down the middle during a Yankee game, you're on Seinfeld, you're on Saturday Night [00:19:00] Live, you're doing all this stuff, and then you gotta, then you gotta hang out and do some Trump shit, just leave, dude, like he could've just had a podcast and put a show on CNBC and been fine.

Matthew Sheffield: Then he just declared

FORRESTER: bankruptcy.

CURRY: showing up at work with that much money. You would not

FORRESTER: catch me, and I love comedy. I don't have opinions anymore.

I don't go anywhere. I'm hanging out with my son, and we're gonna give golf a shot, you know? Yeah.

CURRY: You know what? Actually, I'll, I'll do it for 70 mil. If anybody wants to shut me up, you just wire me

FORRESTER: 70 mil. I'm out. I'm done with the whole business. I live in, I live in rural North Georgia. If you gave me 70, 000, I could take five years off, you know?

Matthew Sheffield: True, true.

So Britney Spears she has. People, her fans have been begging her for years. Once she got out of her conservatorship to put the knives down. Well, there's that, but she she has said [00:20:00] definitively that she's not going to come back to the music industry.

And you know what? Hey, I can't blame her. I mean,

CURRY: Jesus autobiography. And I'm like, I wouldn't, I wouldn't be in any kind of entertainment at all. I

FORRESTER: would mean she's got money, right? Everything. Yeah.

CURRY: The shit she was put through is so psychotic.

FORRESTER: It's bananas.

CURRY: It's so hard to wrap your mind around, like with them taking her kids away from her and not letting her take her IUD out and like monitoring her.

Eating and making her take all these pills and stuff and i'm just like it seems So crazy to me too because i'm like it feels like something from a bygone era. It feels like

FORRESTER: yeah It's like it's like old mgm shit yeah, and it's it's Like judy garland. It's really

CURRY: hard. Yeah, it's really heartbreaking because it's like she has God bless She has arrested development from it, right?

You can tell she's like, she's not, she has not matured [00:21:00] in the same way women are or people mature over time when they're out in the world. And I'm like, if I were her, I would just be like, throw my phone into a river and be like, I'm out. I'm living in a fucking hut in


Matthew Sheffield: Yeah, her fans should be lucky.

She's talking to them fucking at all Yeah, instead of just being like hey, you know what i'm gonna go live in tibet for the rest of my life Go fuck you get yourselves. Thanks for the thanks for the money

FORRESTER: yeah, and I mean if she did if she did like have a yearning to get back to doing music like luckily for her like she's got such a platform and the business has changed so much now that like She could do independent shit like she could pay to have her own album made and then she could stream it herself so like it's not like she has to go back to capital records, but like Yeah, I, but with her, like every, there's every single facet of the music business has a memory associated with it with her and it's fucking traumatizing.

Like I can't, I can't imagine, you know, what that's, what that's like. And [00:22:00] it's been really fucked up. Cause it's like a, it's like a double edged sword. It's like, they didn't let her control her money, but then they did all this fucked up shit to her to make her go insane. And then you see her and you're like, wow, shit, I don't know if she can handle her money.

You know, like, fuck, I don't know. So like. It's

CURRY: also like the, the thought that she can't handle her money, but Nick Cage can, the guy's buying T

FORRESTER: Rex. That's a great point. Yeah. Like, and that's the thing too. It's like, I'm sorry, but like, even if she can't handle her money, she's an adult. She has every right to blow it on stupid shit and go bank her up.

It's not your business. Yeah. Right. They let me control my money. I used to fill up sport guns with piss and blast my sister in the face with it. You know what I mean? It's It's like, and I get to do whatever I want, like, I got a house and a car. Yeah. Yeah.

Matthew Sheffield: Well, but you know what though, like, it is actually the case that these conservatorships, women are actually a lot more likely to be put into them.

Of course. And, you know, like, and it's bullshit. So just, you know, that, that, that old [00:23:00] meme of leave Britney alone. It's, I, it's always true, I'm, I'm

FORRESTER: afraid. It's honestly amazing she's still with us, frankly. Because you look at the parallels, like I said, between her and Judy Garland or like a Marilyn Monroe type or whatever.

And it's like, the fact that She is still here kicking and saying all this stuff is like, man, she's stronger than me because I would have fucking flipped out, dude. I would have beat, I would have stabbed a motherfucker a long time ago.

CURRY: Yeah. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. That would have been my first thing to go on a murder spree.

FORRESTER: Yeah. First thing they did to me at stab, stab, stab, stab. Yeah. She's got the knives. Yes, she does.

Matthew Sheffield: But you know who, who also. Probably wants to do a murder spree is pretty much everybody, everybody associated with the Barbie movie after

FORRESTER: the glow, after the golden

Matthew Sheffield: glow, see my segue was so good there, Lisa, you couldn't even see what, what

FORRESTER: happened with the, [00:24:00] I thought, I thought Barbie won for something.

It didn't

Matthew Sheffield: win nothing. It was like a consolation prize, basically a bullshit thing.

CURRY: I usually defend comedians in all cases, but I'm, I'm also a writer and he threw, he went up and hosted me as fuck. And he threw his writers under the bus and it's like, man, they work for fucking, I don't care that you were hired 10 days ago.

If you weren't up for the job, don't do it. And it's like, they write for fucking weeks, if not months. Also,

FORRESTER: the joke that he told that he that made him go on that tirade that quote bombed, it got a laugh like it got, it got as much of a laugh as you get it award shows. I think that he's just so used to like doing these stadiums filled with his fans that scream that when it didn't get a, Oh, Joe Coy, let me jerk your bald head off and rub it on my, like, he was like, what the fuck is like, I was, somebody goes, Joe Coy bombs and goes in [00:25:00] this rant and I watched a bit and I was expecting crickets and it was like, they laughed, they laughed.

It was a decent joke, you know what I mean? And like, but yeah, it's like, move on to the next thing, dude. But when he, when he threw the, I understand, you know, trying to think on your feet and deal with a crowd that sucks, but like, as soon as he said. My writers, I was like, you fuck, you've done it, buddy. Like that is, and

CURRY: then he kind of like went on to make some, like, I saw the Barbie movie, it's fucking incredible.

It's laugh out loud. Funny. It broke crazy records with Irving and like, he just made like a couple of sexist comments about it and then moved on and it's like, I don't need you to, to talk about how good the movie was because you're. Telling jokes, but that it was just lazy and then you're literally

Matthew Sheffield: there

FORRESTER: to read.

What movie beat it. What movie beat it, though

Matthew Sheffield: the best picture Comedy was out worth Comedy.

FORRESTER: Yeah, all the holdovers didn't

Matthew Sheffield: win. No. No, [00:26:00] it was poor thing. So I don't know what the barbie was I didn't even see that.

FORRESTER: So, well, I didn't see it. So I can't say, but I will say that Barbie was awesome, but it was super awesome.

But like, if, if the holdovers had a beat Barbie, at least something I'd seen, I would have been like, okay, well, it was very great, but like, I don't know, dude, you know, at the end of the day though, like, it's not like Greta Gerwig is going to be hurting because of some golden globe snub. She made a fuck ton of money.

They're going to let her do another one. You know?

Matthew Sheffield: Yeah, well, it's true. And but I mean, I, I, I, some people, I think they thought that the ending that the show that Barbie kind of collapsed at the end, it was a criticism that some people said that it just kind of repeated itself over and over too much.

But whatever it is, like, I mean, these are just, you know, your opinions of whatever it's subjective. It doesn't fucking matter.

FORRESTER: Who cares? Yeah, because if it had a one every if it had a one every category now would be dealing with the fallout of people saying The only [00:27:00] reason it won is because hollywood's so woke that they just let It's kind of a no win situation, but now I gotta say this what's this shit movie that you said one Poor things.

Well, now I gotta see that so I can come back on this show and tell y'all how wrong it was that Barbie got screwed.

Matthew Sheffield: Yeah. My

CURRY: only question from the Golden Globes was, who was originally booked that Jo Koy was the pinch hitter here?

FORRESTER: I heard Chelsea Handler, but it doesn't make sense to me that she would have canceled.


CURRY: doesn't, yeah,

FORRESTER: it doesn't make sense at all. Yeah, I don't know who it was, that's weird that that's not a bigger story. I don't know, maybe she booked a weekend at the Improvs. Yeah, dude, if I was a comedian, I would genuinely rather do a weekend at the Improv than host the goddamn Golden Globes. It's a, it's a, it's really a lose lose, like, it's a lose lose, like.

If Joe Coy hadn't have done what he did talking about the writers, like he'd still be getting shit on for like, it wasn't a really good show. Like you can, like

the only person I've ever really seen go do the golden globes and come out where like [00:28:00] most people on both sides were like, that's how you do it is Ricky Gervais.

Like when he did it the first time, everybody's like, God damn, you know.

Matthew Sheffield: Well, actually no, you know who really is it is billy crystal billy chris

FORRESTER: well, yeah

Matthew Sheffield: Okay, he hosted fucking every award show. He should be doing it

FORRESTER: forever Yeah, when I was a kid, it was like you didn't even wonder who it was It was like what's billy crystal and he's gonna fucking murder

Matthew Sheffield: Yeah, yeah, no, it's true.

It's true. But you know what, though? But I'm glad you mentioned Ricky Gervais, though, because like, you know, he's, he's one of these, you know, huge comics that's been around forever, who is constantly claiming that, oh, my material is so edgy. I'm going to be canceled. I'm going to be canceled. I'm going to be canceled because I hate trans people.

And it's like, This dude literally just won the best

stand up.

FORRESTER: It's not real and they, people like Ricky Gervais know it's not real. You know what I mean?

Matthew Sheffield: I

would love to be cancelled like that. Wouldn't you guys?


I've been doing a whole bit about it. How like, you know, I [00:29:00] was doing this thing about Morgan Wallen saying the n word and then having the, and he had literally had on record his best year last year and the whole bit was like, ah.

Can you imagine how great of a career he'd have if he hadn't ruined it by saying the N word? And, and the whole deal, like, I've seen those of me being like, you know, as a human being, it upsets me that people hear someone say that and gather around them and it makes them more popular.

Because Every dude that's like, I'm canceled, they play Madison Square Garden, they host Saturday Night Live, they, it's not real and they know it's not real, they just know, it's just like we were talking about earlier with the politicians just saying the buzzwords and stuff, they just know as soon as they say the word cancel, there's a group of people, the Joe Rogan universe type people that, perk up and go, oh, I have to like this person because they're talking about being canceled.

And I'm required to only like comedy from people who think they're going to get cancelled, have been cancelled, or use the phrase anti-woke It's so f***ing tribalistic and [00:30:00] goddamn stupid. And for the record, I love so many things that Ricky Gervais has done. I love all of his shows. I've enjoyed some of his stand up, but like, he's a famous guy that started doing stand up.

It's never going to be the same as someone who came into the fucking trenches. But, at the same time, I'm so f***ing sick about the culture of comedy right now, is all the top people in comedy, all they talk about is the culture of comedy. Tell f***ing jokes! Just tell jokes! Quit going up there and talking about how I'm so edgy.

Show! Don't tell, motherf***er That's the first rule of writing comedy. It's just I don't even want to talk about it right now. It f***ing blows my mind. And all these people that are like, yeah, they're suppressing my language. Here's 25 million dollars and five Netflix specials. Suck my f***ing d dude.

I wish that I was doing that.

CURRY: That, and also, I'm sure this happens to you as well, Corey. I feel like every comic that's coming up that's like a, like a journeyman comic, like us. [00:31:00] Right. All people, you, you do a show, you fucking are home with your family, whatever. All people want to ask you as a comic is, aren't you

FORRESTER: afraid?

Yep. Aren't you afraid? Afraid of what? You

CURRY: just saw me do an hour. I didn't say, like, I didn't say anything salacious at, at all. And now I'm picking up my check. But I,

FORRESTER: yeah, but even when I do, like, I had a bit about not long ago, and I say the R word in it, not just flippantly, the bit is about the R word, and it's this whole thing, and, yeah, I'm not saying it right now and I did it, and when I did it, I got, like, three emails from some people that were in the crowd complaining, guess what I did?

I ignored it. I didn't give a fuck. Like, it's like, you know, just, you just like, because what they go, they go, you can't say anything anymore. And it's like, no, no, no, you can't say anything and expect someone not to say something back. That's all it is. And if Twitter had existed in the seventies, they'd be doing the same shit to Richard Pryor.

You mean to tell me. That you believe in your [00:32:00] heart that when 5, 000 people saw George Carlin live, saw George Carlin do the seven dirty words you can't say on television, the millions of people watching at home, you're going to tell me that every single person watching that goes, well, we loved it because we're not soft.

No, they didn't. There were plenty of people that hated it. It's just that in order to relay that information to George Carlin, you had to get down with a pen and a paper and write it down. And some people were like, you know what? I got to go to the mail, right? If they'd had a fucking computer, they would have said something.

Nobody's more soft, quit being a fucking pussy and do your goddamn joke. Like that's what I'll do. I just do it. It doesn't matter. Totally agree.

Matthew Sheffield: No, what? And knowing you and you're you're I'm glad you mentioned George Carlin, though, because like he's actually the perfect example of a comedian learning to adapt to changing audience taste, right?

Because like, this dude had like three different sticks in his lifetime. And he went through them. And after a [00:33:00] while, you know, he stopped getting a response from people. And instead of saying, you know, Oh, these people, there's something wrong with them. They don't like my jokes. He was like, no, you know what?

Maybe my joke, maybe my act is old. I got to get some new jokes. I got to think about some new stuff that people are actually thinking about. And he fucking did it. And all these other, you know, all these people that are, you know, like 60, 70 year old, number one, you should fucking retire and go, go away.

That's number one, like go fucking retire. But, but the other thing is like. Get some other goddamn jokes. We don't need to hear the same fucking joke for 30 years. Or

FORRESTER: just accept, accept your audience. Like, everybody's not gonna like you. You know what I mean? Like, I, I do a certain thing on stage and I have a certain persona and I do certain jokes that like, Yeah, and my dad's always like, don't you, don't you ever think you want to do something different so that you can broaden your audience?

And I'm like, if I could snap my fingers and have 10 million more people like me, sure. But no, I'm not going to change anything about myself. I'm fine with the amount of people that like me and like you either like my thing or you don't. And like there's enough people in the world. You [00:34:00] don't have to have everybody.

Just have your fucking audience and my audience likes what I do and I don't give a fuck if you don't like what I do Because my audience does you know what I mean? And I piss my audience off sometimes and I respect them like if Like if one of my audience members came at me after a show and was not being an asshole was like hey that thing You said I don't think you meant it like this, but it could be construed as I've had that now and I would go, Oh, shit.

I didn't even think about that. I'm glad you pointed it out. I'll change the joke. You know what I mean? But if it's just one person being a dickhead, like, Hey, don't make fun of diabetes because my uncle has it. Well, you know, tell him to have a diet coke and shut the fuck up. I don't care.

CURRY: I think that's a good place to end.

FORRESTER: Sorry. No, you're right. I love it.


FORRESTER: love it.

Matthew Sheffield: No, you agree. Yeah. All right. Well, so, for people watching on video, they can see you are@bonuscorey.com. But where else should people keep up with you, Corey?

FORRESTER: Just on all the socials, I'm Corey r Forrester, but BonusCorey.com. That's my Substack, that's the thing that I love the most.

I do all sorts of cool things on it. [00:35:00] I write essays.

Sheffield? Nudity?

Forrester: No nudity. No, I mean, I think my butt has made an appearance like the crack of my ass or something. But I do full length audio dramedies that I write, produce, you know, do all the voices for and stuff. The last one I put up, I did a Southern version of a Christmas Carol that's available right now.

I know it's not the season anymore, but I believe it will be one of your holiday classics if you listen to it. And videos and stuff. It's a lot of fun. You can't

Matthew Sheffield: say Christmas. You can't say

FORRESTER: Christmas on it. Oh, that's my bad. We're left wing. It's a holiday. We have a war on Christmas here. It's a, yeah.

Oh, I know. I'm a three tour veteran. It's a holiday special. Yeah. So, bonuscory. com and or just, you know, whatever. I, I'm, Lisa follows me. You can search her followers. I'm in there somewhere. And

CURRY: please follow me on Instagram at Olympian Lisa Curry for updates on the show. I got, I just booked a fucking weekend in Hawaii.

FORRESTER: Hey, Blue Note. Nice.

CURRY: Yeah. No something else. And I can't remember what it is. Have you been, have you been to [00:36:00] Hawaii? I've been a couple of times. Last time was with Jim Jeffries. So this will be my first time like headlining. Yeah. I, I'm going to make a trip out of it.

FORRESTER: Yeah. You have to.

Matthew Sheffield: And then everybody make sure to follow at doom scroll show on YouTube and Instagram and Twitter, all those places and like, and subscribe and all that shit. Do it because you need to, and Jesus wants you to. So thanks very much.

FORRESTER: Bye bye. [00:37:00]

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