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Peter Navarro for prison? We can get into that

Peter Navarro for prison? We can get into that

Plus: Right-wing pundits claim Sydney Sweeney’s cleavage has defeated ‘wokeness’
Peter Navarro arriving at the court for the start of his trial on contempt of Congress. September 5, 2023. Photo: Victoria Pickering

Audio Chapters

00:00 — Peter Navarro ordered to report for prison by judge

02:38 — Trump admits he wants to cut Social Security

05:20 — Right-wingers devise new idiotic conspiracy about Joe Biden after boffo SOTU speech

07:23 — Katie Britt’s strange Republican response is still freaking people out

10:06 — Trump is having trouble paying bills, raising the question of whether he's managed to suck MAGA dry

16:55 — Oppenheimer sweeps Oscars as everyone expected

22:02 — Sydney Sweeney’s breasts have ended wokeness, right-wing influencers say

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