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Peter Navarro goes to jail, doesn’t pass Go

Peter Navarro goes to jail, doesn’t pass Go

Trump and stooges keep seeing absurd legal arguments tossed in trash can

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Audio Chapters

00:00 — Peter Navarro becomes first-ever Trumper to go to jail for his crimes

04:04 — Trump forced to admit he can't pay $464 million to appeal fraud judgment

09:07 — Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen will testify against Trump in hush money case after he loses bid to force them out

10:53 — Alina Habba, Trump’s airhead attorney, gets thrown under the bus in harassment suit against Mar-a-Lago

13:53 — House Republicans reach tentative deal to stop yet another shutdown threat by their own party members

20:22 — South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem posts two infomercials on Twitter for some reason

25:09 — Florida man treated for having tapeworm larvae in his brain

28:42 — Ohio Republican senate candidate claims he did not make gay profile on sex website

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