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Steve Bannon and Alex Jones finally face some justice

Steve Bannon and Alex Jones finally face some justice

Plus: Nevada Republican chair accidentally admits party 'worships' Donald Trump

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Audio Chapters

00:00 — Steve Bannon finally ordered to serve jail for crime anyone else would’ve served for years ago

02:29 — Alex Jones says he'll sell InfoWars to pay Sandy Hook parents he lied about

08:19 — Donald Trump tells confused, random story about sharks and batteries

14:39 — Nevada Republican party chair boasts that party "worships" Trump

17:21 — Byron Donalds, black Florida Republican, says black familes were better off under segregation

20:30 — Hunter Biden trial versus Donald Trump's NYC fraud trial shows fundamental difference between the parties

23:47 — Julia Louis-Dreyfus subtweets former co-star Jerry Seinfeld on "political correctness"

34:04 — Dick Van Dyke wins Emmy award at age 98

Cover image: Steve Bannon speaking at the Restoring National Confidence Summit at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada. January 29, 2024. Photo: Gage Skidmore

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