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Trump and RFK have realized they're both going for the lunatic vote

Trump and RFK have realized they're both going for the lunatic vote

Talk show host and comedian John Fugelsang joins

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Audio Chapters

00:00 — Trump and RFK were supposed to team up against Biden, but now they hate each other

07:54 — Arizona indicts 2020 fake electors and many Trump attorneys

10:26 — Fox has been barely covering the first presidential criminal trial in history, while massively playing up isolated student protests

16:15 — Great news for employees: FTC bans non-compete agreements

21:33 — George Santos gives up independent congressional comeback after raising zero dollars

26:44 — Oakland church is using psychedelic mushrooms in worship services

Cover image: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. speaking with supporters at a campaign rally at the Fox Tucson Theatre in Tucson, Arizona. Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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