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Trump gets booed heavily at Libertarian convention

Trump gets booed heavily at Libertarian convention

Plus: Nikki Haley knuckles under, just as everyone expected

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Audio Chapters

00:00 — Donald Trump booed big-time at Libertarian Party convention

08:44 — Nikki Haley endorses Trump after pretending she was reluctant about it

11:30 — Minnesota Republican Senate candidate spent campaign donations at strip club and sporting goods stores

15:43 — Justice Department prosecuting Live Nation Ticketmaster for monopolistic practices

21:09 — Florida priest arrested for allegedly biting parishioner during communion

26:06 — Pope Francis prepares to canonize 15 year old known as “God’s influencer”

Cover image: Donald Trump speaks at the Libertarian National Convention in Washington, DC, May 25, 2024. Photo via screenshot

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